Tips for Succeeding with Your Fitness Seo and Web Design

To become a successful fitness trainer, you must get recognized as an industry expert. The best way to achieve this is by having your fitness blog. A successful fitness blog can give that much needed boost to your business, increase your credibility and spread the word about your fitness business. Fitness blogging is one of the key Fitness Seo and Web Design strategies to expand business.

Success stories

Take help from current clients and ask them to share their experiences of the fitness targets they had before training under your guidance and what results they have achieved.

Take their permission to publish their pictures or videos on the blog and you can have this as a weekly or monthly feature. It helps in attracting more clients and gives a realistic and personal touch to your services.

This is a great Fitness Seo and Web Design tactic because the clients who are sharing their story feel special and motivated and they contribute to sharing the article or video on their social media pages, thus increasing hits to your blog.


Start writing

As a personal trainer, fitness is your passion. Start writing about various topics such as exercise, nutrition, health and current fitness trends. Make it a point to write a short article everyday. Focus on the content and quality of the article and not on the length of the article. It is better to write short ones, to keep readers engaged.

Share the article

Once you have written the article, publish it on your blog, website, social media page. Subscribe to health journals and online magazines and share your articles on such sites. Make sure to include the link to your website and blog along with your article so that readers can always be directed to your website and blog if they wish to read more on the topic.

Daily tips

Readers like to get advice from fitness experts. Have a ‘Tip of the day’ feature on your blog. Include daily tips on exercise, weight loss, nutrition, dieting etc. You can also include an ‘Ask the Expert’ feature in which readers will be allowed to ask you questions about fitness. This helps in building a relationship with the readers and makes you more credible as a fitness expert. This fitness marketing tactic is used by many fitness industry professionals.

Guest contributors

Tie up with other fitness industry professionals and health experts to contribute to your blog. This will enable more viewers for your content since people who are already subscribe to the health expert will also visit your blog and your members will read articles by guest contributors to enhance their outlook.

Make sure you advertise well in advance that you will be having an industry expert contributing to your blog and do not forget to share the article on various sources to spread the word.


Be creative and innovative and conduct contests on your blog and announce winners in a grand way. Share notices about the contest and its results on your website, social media pages and invite more and more people to participate. Keep innovative prizes such as three sessions of a newly introduced exercise program or a chance to use a popular health equipment for a month.

Various Fitness Seo and Web Design strategies can be used to make a good and successful blog. Make sure you are committed to the cause and are open-minded to try out new things to popularize your blog.