Fitness Contests Dangerously Fit Bondi Clients will Love

A contest in any sport brings on challenge and healthy competition. If you are looking to gain momentum and recognition in Dangerously Fit Personal Training – Pinterest, organise regular fitness contests for your clients. Contests are not all about just winning prizes. Besides inculcating a competitive spirit and hopefully emerging a winner, clients are also motivated to put forth their best efforts.

On the recruitment front

Increasing membership at Dangerously Fit Bondi is an ongoing requirement for any fitness centre. You could harness the contact capabilities of your existing members. Hold a contest offering a prize to members who can bring in the most new clients. The prize could be fitness-related – like a month’s free workouts or a cut in membership fees for a specified period.

Everyone probably knows at least one other person who might like to make use of personal trainer courses. If they can benefit personally from getting a new member/s to join, you become an indirect winner! You could go one step further by nominating second and third runner up prizes also.


On weight loss

Weight loss is probably one of the main reasons why people in Bondi start working out. This is a great way to encourage and motivate your clients. Set up a contest to declare which client loses the maximum weight in a specified period of time. Competing on this front will have the clients sweating it out, each trying desperately to outdo each other – and most importantly, making headway in achieving their weight loss goals.

You could also throw open the above mentioned challenge to Dangerously Fit Bondi non-members on payment of a fee. If the prize is attractive enough, such a non-member offer could net you new memberships. Prizes could be items such as fitness products or yoga clothing, or a quality yoga mat if your gym teaches yoga.

A fitbit contest

This contest involves the maximum number of steps a person can put in over a specified period of time. The person taking the maximum number of steps is the winner. You can use a popular media platform to reach out to people. Participants would need to report their progress regularly which progress will be reflected on the interactive app. If such progress does not get recorded, it will be taken as a ‘no progress’ outcome.

Zero weight gain

Another good contest to organize is the zero weight gain. This contest could be ideally held soon after big festivals such as Christmas, New Year etc. when people tend to binge on the food front. Get contestants to weigh in a couple of weeks earlier and on completion of the contest time frame, weigh themselves again. The contestant who has gained the minimum weight or not added a single pound will walk away with the prize.


Everyone loves a contest in Bondi. Besides inculcating a spirit of challenge and motivation it also creates a fun atmosphere. Contestants are provided with a goal which also helps them to personally improve on a fitness level. So you could use some of the above mentioned ideas if you would like to add zest and encouragement in your personal trainer courses.