Benefits of Kettlebell Workouts

Kettlebells have been popular in the fitness industry for ages primarily because they allow you to practice basic training movements that target your entire body.

In fact, moves taught at the EPTI kettlebell course are best when you want to provide your clients with an explosive, total-body workout without using any fancy equipments or doing complex exercises.

Kettlebell workouts are simple yet highly effective which further increases their appeal. The benefits of doing kettlebell workouts are numerous and you should definitely include kettlebells in your list of workout equipment.


Kettlebell Workouts can be Done Anywhere

This is one of the primary benefits which make kettlebells so popular with fitness buffs. Kettlebell is a small and compact equipment that can be transported easily. Whether you are training clients outdoors or at the gym, in the privacy of their home or office; you can always carry your kettlebells and continue with your sessions whenever and wherever you want to.

Kettlebell Workouts are Quick and Effective

Fitness courses teach you how to design workouts correctly so that sessions can be completed in one go without any interruption in between. Since most of the workouts target muscles in the entire body, your client is guaranteed to get maximum benefit every time using just this one single equipment. This means your clients don’t waste time on moving between multiple equipments and adjusting themselves.

The workouts are also high intensity movements created to engage all muscles constantly and an effective workout session should be complete without 20 minutes. So with kettlebells, you can pack in more number of sessions per day and earn more!

Kettlebell Workouts are Wonderful for Cardios

If you are looking for an explosive cardiovascular workout, kettlebell training is just what you need to introduce your clients to. Even simple workouts like the kettlebell swing can rev up the heart rate and keep it high throughout the day. This means your clients enjoy a high metabolic rate while at the same time; strengthening muscles all over the entire body.

Kettlebell Workouts are Beneficial for the Joints

Most high intensity workouts affect your joints in the long run; especially the knees and ankles. But kettlebell workouts; despite being rigorous; actually helps in strengthening these joints and improving their flexibility and mobility. This is because when you move a kettlebell, its weight tries to literally tear your joints apart and your stabilizing muscles work overtime to cushion the stress. Over time, continuous use of stabilizing muscles improves agility and flexibility; thereby lessening the risk of injuries to your joints. This means you can use kettlebells to train the elderly or those with weak joints.

Kettlebell Workouts are Excellent for Fat Loss 

Workouts taught at kettlebell courses target all the muscles in the body. This means each time you do even a simple exercise, you strain multiple muscles all over your body. Even the tiniest muscles that are otherwise difficult to work can be shaped through kettlebell workouts.

And the more muscles you use, the better are your chances of burning fat and gaining a well-sculpted body. Kettlebell workouts also provide excellent afterburn effect i.e. the body maintains a high metabolic rate and continues to burn fat for up to 24 hours after the workout session is over.