Latest Success Stories

Transition Nelson Waste Group BYOC
BYOC (Bring Your Own Container) is a campaign to promote re-using, rather than buying and throwing away. The idea is that Nelsonian’s should be encouraged to use their own containers, wh...
Open Orchards
Open Orchards
Open Orchards is an initiative to plant more fruit and nut trees on public land for all to enjoy.
Transition Nelson Business Group WOF
Transition Nelson Business Group WOF
The intention of the WOF (Warrant of Fitness) is to help businesses see where they stand on the sustainability ladder. The WOF was designed to address the problem that although there was ...
Transition Nelson No Dig Gardening Group
Transition Nelson No Dig Gardening Group
No dig gardens are a system of organic gardening which requires no digging to put in your initial garden or maintain it. They not only require less maintenance but also preserve the vit...
Nelson Growables
Nelson Growables
Nelson Growables is a garden focussed one day community event. There is a growing trend towards growing vegetables and tending gardens. People of all ages are realizing the health and n...
Ooooby is a place where you meet, talk to and trade with people who are growing their own food or wanting to eat locally grown food.
Homelands communty garden
Homelands communty garden
This is a communty garden of about 1/3 acre providing veges as organically as possible for 12 families. There are 12 gardeners creating two teams of 6 gardeners working one morning a week...
Blueskin Power
Blueskin Power
Our project is establishing a _community power cooperative_ and developing an _embedded Distributed Generation asset_ (*wind turbine*) at Blueskin Bay, Otago. We're a resourceful communit...
Bamboo and Manuka, Paper Adobe Housing
Bamboo and Manuka, Paper Adobe Housing
We are experimenting with an ancient building technique which has previously been underrated and ignored in NZ. It is called "Wattle and Daub". We are utilising common cheap natural mater...
E-Let : Electric Strarlet Conversion
E-Let : Electric Strarlet Conversion
Conversion of a Toyota Starlet into an electric car with a range of 40Km and a top speed of 75Km/hr
The Great Waiheke Plum Drive
The Great Waiheke Plum Drive
The Waiheke Harvest initiative seeks to actively build resilience into our local food system, through making better use of the fruit tree resources we have on the island.
Epping Neighbourhood Community Garden
Epping Neighbourhood Community Garden
The purpose of a group of interested residents to establish and manage an organic garden to function as an example and learning centre for sustainable living and supply food to members an...
Cargobikes New Zealand
Cargobikes New Zealand
A project to make available practical alternatives to cars.
Waiheke Community Cinema
Waiheke Community Cinema
The diversity of the Waiheke population is refelcted in the broad range of film, which includes popular movies, art-house film, and documentary film. It is not uncommon for screenings to ...

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Benefits of Kettlebell Workouts

Kettlebells have been popular in the fitness industry for ages primarily because they allow you to practice basic training movements that target your entire body.

In fact, moves taught at the EPTI kettlebell course are best when you want to provide your clients with an explosive, total-body workout without using any fancy equipments or doing complex exercises.

Kettlebell workouts are simple yet highly effective which further increases their appeal. The benefits of doing kettlebell workouts are numerous and you should definitely include kettlebells in your list of workout equipment.


Kettlebell Workouts can be Done Anywhere

This is one of the primary benefits which make kettlebells so popular with fitness buffs. Kettlebell is a small and compact equipment that can be transported easily. Whether you are training clients outdoors or at the gym, in the privacy of their home or office; you can always carry your kettlebells and continue with your sessions whenever and wherever you want to.

Kettlebell Workouts are Quick and Effective

Fitness courses teach you how to design workouts correctly so that sessions can be completed in one go without any interruption in between. Since most of the workouts target muscles in the entire body, your client is guaranteed to get maximum benefit every time using just this one single equipment. This means your clients don’t waste time on moving between multiple equipments and adjusting themselves.

The workouts are also high intensity movements created to engage all muscles constantly and an effective workout session should be complete without 20 minutes. So with kettlebells, you can pack in more number of sessions per day and earn more!

Kettlebell Workouts are Wonderful for Cardios

If you are looking for an explosive cardiovascular workout, kettlebell training is just what you need to introduce your clients to. Even simple workouts like the kettlebell swing can rev up the heart rate and keep it high throughout the day. This means your clients enjoy a high metabolic rate while at the same time; strengthening muscles all over the entire body.

Kettlebell Workouts are Beneficial for the Joints

Most high intensity workouts affect your joints in the long run; especially the knees and ankles. But kettlebell workouts; despite being rigorous; actually helps in strengthening these joints and improving their flexibility and mobility. This is because when you move a kettlebell, its weight tries to literally tear your joints apart and your stabilizing muscles work overtime to cushion the stress. Over time, continuous use of stabilizing muscles improves agility and flexibility; thereby lessening the risk of injuries to your joints. This means you can use kettlebells to train the elderly or those with weak joints.

Kettlebell Workouts are Excellent for Fat Loss 

Workouts taught at kettlebell courses target all the muscles in the body. This means each time you do even a simple exercise, you strain multiple muscles all over your body. Even the tiniest muscles that are otherwise difficult to work can be shaped through kettlebell workouts.

And the more muscles you use, the better are your chances of burning fat and gaining a well-sculpted body. Kettlebell workouts also provide excellent afterburn effect i.e. the body maintains a high metabolic rate and continues to burn fat for up to 24 hours after the workout session is over.

Using Before and After Photos of Your Clients for Fitness Marketing

You have quite a lot of ways to establish your fitness marketing in the current digital world. The best among them would be to choose the right images of your clients before and after your personal training. Pictures are best in describing your expertise and the benefits that is in store for your potential clients. If you want clients to speak about your expertise and fitness studio then continue to read to master the art of using before and after photos of your clients to promote your fitness marketing.

Pictures Speaks Volumes about Your Expertise

When you guide a client with a fitness goal, you are actually helping them to achieve a thing that they never thought to be possible. You can ensure this guarantee to all of your potential clients by uploading before and after photos of your current clients. The pictures give inspiration to the new clients to approach your fitness studio and to hire your personal training. It drives the existing clients by helping them to squeeze out their last bit of energy to achieve their desired fitness. You can include your business’s logo or company name in the pictures. Now people will correlate the excellence in the achieved fitness with your expertise. When you provide proof, you can witness fair increase in your studio’s fitness marketing.


Unleash the Power of Social Media

Social media is one of the best options to make your fitness marketing. It is platform for many likeminded people. You can post the pictures of clients having a great time working at your fitness studio or the before and after transformation pictures of successful clients. The pictures will be an instant hit. The news about your expertise and your fitness studio will be shared and re-shared by your clients and their friends. You can extend the images as short videos describing the fitness routines and share them on YouTube. It will get a wider reach for your fitness marketing.

When Google finds the repetition of your studio’s name in the internet, it will associate more credibility and higher rank to your website. Your website will become more visible, the pictures that you post in the website will compel the potential customers to make a positive move towards your fitness business. Dangerously Fit Gold Coast does a fantastic job at promoting their fitness bootcamps.

Build Contacts

As a trainer you know that building contact is the basis of fitness business. You utilize the traditional worth-of-mouth referrals into a modern internet generated referral by sharing pictures of your make over and by urging your clients to share their photos before and after your personal training. Getting references is easy because the photos speak for themselves. You can announce incentives for clients who give references to their friends and add a story about the body transformation of that particular client. It will increase authenticity to your expertise.

You can find Dangerously Fit Gold Coast at…

Fitness Contests Dangerously Fit Bondi Clients will Love

A contest in any sport brings on challenge and healthy competition. If you are looking to gain momentum and recognition in Dangerously Fit Personal Training – Pinterest, organise regular fitness contests for your clients. Contests are not all about just winning prizes. Besides inculcating a competitive spirit and hopefully emerging a winner, clients are also motivated to put forth their best efforts.

On the recruitment front

Increasing membership at Dangerously Fit Bondi is an ongoing requirement for any fitness centre. You could harness the contact capabilities of your existing members. Hold a contest offering a prize to members who can bring in the most new clients. The prize could be fitness-related – like a month’s free workouts or a cut in membership fees for a specified period.

Everyone probably knows at least one other person who might like to make use of personal trainer courses. If they can benefit personally from getting a new member/s to join, you become an indirect winner! You could go one step further by nominating second and third runner up prizes also.


On weight loss

Weight loss is probably one of the main reasons why people in Bondi start working out. This is a great way to encourage and motivate your clients. Set up a contest to declare which client loses the maximum weight in a specified period of time. Competing on this front will have the clients sweating it out, each trying desperately to outdo each other – and most importantly, making headway in achieving their weight loss goals.

You could also throw open the above mentioned challenge to Dangerously Fit Bondi non-members on payment of a fee. If the prize is attractive enough, such a non-member offer could net you new memberships. Prizes could be items such as fitness products or yoga clothing, or a quality yoga mat if your gym teaches yoga.

A fitbit contest

This contest involves the maximum number of steps a person can put in over a specified period of time. The person taking the maximum number of steps is the winner. You can use a popular media platform to reach out to people. Participants would need to report their progress regularly which progress will be reflected on the interactive app. If such progress does not get recorded, it will be taken as a ‘no progress’ outcome.

Zero weight gain

Another good contest to organize is the zero weight gain. This contest could be ideally held soon after big festivals such as Christmas, New Year etc. when people tend to binge on the food front. Get contestants to weigh in a couple of weeks earlier and on completion of the contest time frame, weigh themselves again. The contestant who has gained the minimum weight or not added a single pound will walk away with the prize.


Everyone loves a contest in Bondi. Besides inculcating a spirit of challenge and motivation it also creates a fun atmosphere. Contestants are provided with a goal which also helps them to personally improve on a fitness level. So you could use some of the above mentioned ideas if you would like to add zest and encouragement in your personal trainer courses.

Tips for Succeeding with Your Fitness Seo and Web Design

To become a successful fitness trainer, you must get recognized as an industry expert. The best way to achieve this is by having your fitness blog. A successful fitness blog can give that much needed boost to your business, increase your credibility and spread the word about your fitness business. Fitness blogging is one of the key Fitness Seo and Web Design strategies to expand business.

Success stories

Take help from current clients and ask them to share their experiences of the fitness targets they had before training under your guidance and what results they have achieved.

Take their permission to publish their pictures or videos on the blog and you can have this as a weekly or monthly feature. It helps in attracting more clients and gives a realistic and personal touch to your services.

This is a great Fitness Seo and Web Design tactic because the clients who are sharing their story feel special and motivated and they contribute to sharing the article or video on their social media pages, thus increasing hits to your blog.


Start writing

As a personal trainer, fitness is your passion. Start writing about various topics such as exercise, nutrition, health and current fitness trends. Make it a point to write a short article everyday. Focus on the content and quality of the article and not on the length of the article. It is better to write short ones, to keep readers engaged.

Share the article

Once you have written the article, publish it on your blog, website, social media page. Subscribe to health journals and online magazines and share your articles on such sites. Make sure to include the link to your website and blog along with your article so that readers can always be directed to your website and blog if they wish to read more on the topic.

Daily tips

Readers like to get advice from fitness experts. Have a ‘Tip of the day’ feature on your blog. Include daily tips on exercise, weight loss, nutrition, dieting etc. You can also include an ‘Ask the Expert’ feature in which readers will be allowed to ask you questions about fitness. This helps in building a relationship with the readers and makes you more credible as a fitness expert. This fitness marketing tactic is used by many fitness industry professionals.

Guest contributors

Tie up with other fitness industry professionals and health experts to contribute to your blog. This will enable more viewers for your content since people who are already subscribe to the health expert will also visit your blog and your members will read articles by guest contributors to enhance their outlook.

Make sure you advertise well in advance that you will be having an industry expert contributing to your blog and do not forget to share the article on various sources to spread the word.


Be creative and innovative and conduct contests on your blog and announce winners in a grand way. Share notices about the contest and its results on your website, social media pages and invite more and more people to participate. Keep innovative prizes such as three sessions of a newly introduced exercise program or a chance to use a popular health equipment for a month.

Various Fitness Seo and Web Design strategies can be used to make a good and successful blog. Make sure you are committed to the cause and are open-minded to try out new things to popularize your blog.

How Boot Camp Gold Coast can improve Your Life

It has been proved time and again – that those people who go in for fitness training enjoy a healthier and happier lifestyle. The boogie that fitness training is something very difficult to go in for, or it takes up too much time and energy, now no longer exists.

Keeping active and exercising on a regular basis is the new mantra to enjoy good health. Not everybody is able to plan out the right exercise routine for themselves.

Doing the right exercises at the right pace might require some professional help. So if you fall into this category, it is recommended that you join a Boot Camp Gold Coast and give your life a new healthy boost. Some of the important benefits obtained are listed below:

Boosting of energy levels

When your body experiences good movement the blood circulation flow improves. This in turn helps oxygen to reach the muscle tissues in the body. Your immune system is heightened and many bodily functions such as the brain and sex drive experience a good boost.

Boot Camp Gold Coast

Relieving stress

Most people go through some stressful times in their life. When you work out, the chemicals present in the human brain get worked up and help to ward off any depression. Even moderate exercise during a Boot Camp Gold Coast class boosts the endorphins in the body, lessening anxiety attacks and instead building a positive and ‘feel good’ feeling. Exercising can also help to distract the mind from any daily stressful issues that exist.

Sleep improvement

When you indulge in a workout you will find that you enjoy a more restful night of sleep. Because the body temperature rises during exercise, the drop or cool down that ensues after exercising, gives rise to drowsiness.

Reduces risk of illness and disease

When you exercise regularly be sure your heart benefits. Exercise will also help in weight control and development of good bone structure. Health problems such as blood pressure, cholesterol are kept under control and the risk of getting diseases such as diabetes; cancer, dementia, stroke etc. are reduced.

Keeping up with the schedule

It often happens that people start working out with great enthusiasm, but after some time they tend to either get bored or just lose interest. If you join the right Boot Camp Gold Coast and train under a qualified trainer, you will get the right motivation to continue and achieve your fitness goal. To best way to find out the closest boot camp in your area is to go on linkedin.

Learning new skills and improving body, spirit and mind

Using a personal trainer for working out could also help you to learn a new skill such as tennis, skating etc. In a fitter and healthier state you will find the energy and interest to take up another sport. Not only your body, but your spirit and mind will also benefit as many trainers provide activities such as tai chi and yoga sessions. You could discover hidden potential and insights in yourself which you did not know you had.


Only the best boot camp Gold Coast will be tailored to your specific requirements which in return will ensure maximum results. To learn more about fitness results and goals achievements visit